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★ ~ Be stained with Purple ~

13 October 1989
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I will always be better than suspect!

Name: Mia-Carla
Sex : Female
Location : Chester, England.
Languages : English, Japanese.

I rarely update my personal journal and only use this for communities. If you are interested in my life, message me for my ameba blog (in Japanese)


outgoing.open.strange.unique.obsessive.amusing.weird.self-concious.angry.calm.spontanious.anti-social.friendly.sarcastic.mean.compulsive.abrupt.paranoid.mysterious.alluring.and alot more things i can't think off


Ive lost alot
but Ive gained so much more,
My insecurites will always outway my confidence
but I hide it so perfectly

I need constent attention, no matter what

I dont say "I love you" lightly
I like my words to be worth something
tbh, i think Im great,

You will never know what goes on in my head no matter how much you wish you did

My heads in the clouds and I think of the strangest things possible

but thats what makes me life exciting